Ray Graham Association Honors Community Partners

On Tuesday, April 16th, Ray Graham Association hosted its Annual Partnership Appreciation Luncheon celebrating the invaluable individuals, companies and organizations who not only share their time, talents and treasures with the non-profit but also employ people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in their very first jobs, empowering them to reach their career goals. Individuals and Companies who received this recognition included Janet Schiffman, Ecolab, Target of Warrenville, Andres Scharifker of Nielsen, Jeff Sebert of Sebert Landscaping and American Westbrook Insurance Services for their extraordinary efforts in improving the lives of people with disabilities.

Dick Phelan, recently ranked as one of Illinois’ top financial advisors, was honored for his continued commitment to the organization through his leadership on RGA’s Board of Directors and as a Trustee, as well as his role as a basketball coach for RGA’s Gateway Special Recreation Association.  Phelan accepted the award and spoke a few words about the change working with people with disabilities has made in his life and the lives of his entire family.

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In February of 2011, ABC 7 spotlighted Dick as a Hometown Hero for his volunteer efforts. Dick & his family should be recognized for their dedication to creating opportunities for people with disabilities to reach, grow and achieve.

Ray Graham Association is fortunate to have such great partners who are very professional and dedicated.  This event was just one way in which RGA was able to express their gratitude for these community partnerships.  Kim Zoeller, President and CEO expressed, “However, to our partners, we are fully aware that we can never thank you enough!”

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