Happy Mother’s Day from Ray Graham Association

A Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.
Marion C. Garretty, quoted in A Little Spoonful of Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul

In honor of Mother’s day this upcoming Sunday, RGA would like to take a moment to thank all of the wonderful mothers that have made huge differences in the lives of people with disabilities. At Ray Graham Association, we consider everyone family and celebrate the mother’s of all we employ and provide services to! Take a moment to read a few examples of how our mothers have made such a powerful impact on the people we serve. Thank you to all those mothers who have given so much to us and to their children.

Ann & Michael Farnham

Ann and Michael Farnham at the SLC

Ann and Michael have been with Ray Graham Association and the Iona Glos Specialized Living Center since 1980. As one of the original families at the SLC, Anne oversaw much of the construction. Michael came to RGA from a State-run facility and has shown incredible growth since his move over twenty years ago. Ann and Michael have a very close relationship. Ann visits Michael at the SLC for holidays and Special Events. Michael loves his visits with his mother, especially when they go to Casey’s, their favorite restaurant, for lunch. Ann calls frequently to check in on Michael and his fellow residents. She wishes she could visit more but understands that Michael’s independence is important and supports his need for this. Ann is a wonderful mother to Michael. We thank Ann for her involvement and her dedication to Ray Graham Association and her role as a mother. Happy Mother’s Day Ann!

Lorraine & Chrissy Yavorski

Chrissy’s close relationship with her parents is well-known by all at the SLC. Lorraine, along with her husband Michael, visit and take Chrissy home once a week. Chrissy and her mother often share long walks and car rides where they spend quality time together. The family’s favorite thing to do at home is turn on music and dance around the house, especially to Chrissy’s favorite “oldies!” The whole family enjoys long car trips and frequently travel to Starved Rock in Illinois where she and her mother particularly love to hike the trails and take in the beautiful scenery. Lorraine and Chrissy share a love for small, roadside diners and always stop at one on their way back home. The Yavorski’s take an annual trip to Gulf Shore in Alabama where Chrissy loves their waterfront property. Chrissy keeps a picture of their home by her bedside and reminices about the ocean everytime she sees it. Lorraine and her husband have noticed that within the past year Chrissy has begun hugging and cuddling with them much more even when it is not solicited. Lorraine described this as being a wonderful thing for her because as a mother of a person with a disability it is a great feeling to be able to see the love their child has for them. We hope that Chrissy gives her mother a hug from us this Mother’s Day too! Happy Mother’s Day Lorraine!

Betty & Robert Sheaks

Robert Sheaks

Robert Sheak’s relationship with his mother, Betty Sheaks, is not only admirable, but endless. Robert visits his mother almost every weekend and the two go on many vacations to Florida and Kentucky. Robert enjoys visiting her and writing her letters to fill her in with his life, how he is doing and the activities he participates in. Ray Graham Association provides transportation for Bobby to visit his mother on a weekly basis to support their exceptional bond. Betty fully supports Bobby in everything he does and often contributes to RGA to ensure it’s exceptional services and continued efforts to support and empower individuals with developmental disabilities. Ray Graham Association would just like to say Happy Mother’s Day to Betty Sheaks and to all the other mothers who continue to exhibit the courage and strength to impact their children’s lives.

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