Happy Holidays from Ray Graham Association!

Dear Friends,

Ray Graham Association (RGA) creates magical moments for nearly 2,000 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families throughout the year. This is especially true during the holiday season.

Billy lived in state-run institutions for 45 years before moving to his new home at RGA where he receives individualized services and supports. His mother states, “All he did at Howe Developmental Center was sit.” Since Billy’s family was discouraged from taking him home for the holidays, many holidays came to pass without Billy and his family celebrating, laughing and enjoying time with each other. Last year, a magical moment was created for Billy and his family. Billy’s mother said, “At the Annual RGA Holiday Party I watched Billy dance. I didn’t even know that he liked to dance!” While at the party, Billy and his family had their first family holiday photo taken in many, many years.

Whether it be a holiday, birthday or just some quality family time, Billy and his family enjoy taking advantage of every opportunity to spend time together. Billy is enjoying the freedom that comes with living in a community-based setting; he is making new friends, communicating more with his family and exploring new interests. Billy’s mother further says, “I’ve seen a lot of improvement with Billy since his move from the institution to RGA. We are very excited to see what Billy’s future will hold.”

Please help us continue to create magical moments.  If you wish to make an online donation, please click here. Your support makes a difference!


Kim Zoeller

President and CEO


Billy and his Family experiencing the magic of the Holidays at Ray Graham Association’s 2010 Annual Holiday Party.


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