A Neighbor Provides Women with Disabilities Electricity During Storm Aftermath

Some say life is not about surviving a storm, but learning to dance in the rain. While there were few people dancing after last week’s storm, the hearts of the women living at one of Ray Graham Association’s Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) located in the heart of Lombard danced with joy when their neighbor connected his generator to their electrical line when the power shut off.

Relaxing in their home, the women watched as the storm turned blue skies to dark clouds and high winds. When the storm came, the power was quickly out. Fortunately, the women were saved from panic and distress as their neighbor, Randy, came out and hooked their sump-pump and refrigerator to his personal generator. He commented to a Ray Graham Association staff member that he couldn’t have anyone go without power if he could help in some way.

It took four days for the power to come back on at their home and by then the temperatures reached a scorching 101 degrees. Randy kept his generator connected the CILA and fueled it until the power came back on. The women of the Lombard-located CILA and all of Ray Graham Association are so deeply touched at Randy’s actions. To RGA, Randy has empowered the women, literally and figuratively. Randy taught us all that, with a friendly neighbor reaching out to do something he was never asked to do, we can endure any storm.

Thank you to Randy and all who volunteered and worked during the storm and its aftermath. Thank you for your dedication to getting the streets cleaned and the power back on during the heat. It was truly inspiring to see the community come together and help each other out!

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