A Board Member’s Request for Support

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Dear Ray Graham Association Family & Friends:

My name is Lee Jorwic. I am a member of the Ray Graham Association (RGA) Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Advancement Committee.  More importantly, I am the proud father of our 22-year-old son, Christopher, who utilizes RGA services and supports. I am writing to RGA family members and friends of those individuals we serve to tell you why my family and I are committed to RGA.

My family and I support RGA because they have and will care for Chris throughout all the stages of his life. We support RGA because of the wonderful work they do to provide services for all our friends and family members.  The more involved I have become over the years, the more I have witnessed first-hand the dedication and sacrifices that are made to provide an exceptional level of care and nurturing to our loved ones.

Did you know that the State of Illinois at any given time owes RGA up to five million dollars?  We are fortunate to have a creative administration that cares deeply about our loved one and continues to find innovative ways to provide quality services despite all of the financial challenges. Each one of us has an obligation to donate time and financial support to the organization that provides us so much in return. 

Without the support of family and friends, how can RGA prevail in these trying times of fiscal uncertainty in Illinois? We know that in these tough economic times all of us have suffered financial hardships.  If cutbacks need to be made in your charitable donations, so be it.  We ask only that you don’t view RGA as a charity, but rather as a dear friend who needs your support.  Please continue to support us as a priority so that we can continue to support our loved ones with the dignity and high-level of service upon which they rely. 

During this annual family appeal, please donate whatever you can.  If you wish to make an online donation, please click here. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

With Gratitude,

Lee Jorwic

Member, Ray Graham Association Board of Directors

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