Employment Success for RGA Individual!

In this tough economy, finding employment can be difficult. Fortunately, with hard work, determination and support from her Employment Specialist at Ray Graham Association and her family, Samantha Rein has found a great employment opportunity within her community. Samantha is an employee of The Village Herbalist, located in downtown Glen Ellyn and owned by Mary Ward. Her work sure keeps her busy! Samantha helps with the following tasks: stocking, counting herbs, cleaning and decorating for the holidays. She even assists with various office jobs such as labeling, sorting and folding brochures.

Samantha’s employment at The Village Herbalist has led to increased independence and confidence. She enjoys working at The Village Herbalist and is grateful that she had the freedom to choose where she wanted to work. Mary Ward proves the feeling is mutual as she explains, “I really enjoy Samantha being with us, and she works well with the ladies at the shop. We love her here.”

The drive to work hard has transferred to other aspects of Samantha’s life. Samantha has begun giving back to the community as a volunteer at the DuPage Children’s Museum. While volunteering, Samantha resets the stations for the children and makes sure they are entertained. She also completes paperwork tasks, shreds old documents and helps clean the office.

Congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments, Samantha! The Village Herbalist and DuPage Children’s Museum are lucky to have such a dedicated worker.

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